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Tournament photos

2018-10-13~18 Tournament photos

Final Day - 18th October 2018

17th October 2018 RACE Video #2

17th October 2018 RACE Video #1

Tournament photos

Pre Race & Opning Ceremony

Race Day1

Race Day2

Race Day3 & Mid Week Party

Race Day4

Race Day5 & Closing Ceremony

16th October 2018 RACE Video

15th October 2018 RACE Video#2

15th October 2018 RACE #1

14th October 2018 RACE

2018 Hansa Class World Kicked Off

The opening ceremony of 2018 Hansa Class World & International Championships was held at Kannon Marina, Hiroshima Japan today. 191 sailors from Europe, North and South America, Oceania, South Pacific Island, Asia, and other countries all over the world are here participating at this major event. Also there are more than 400 support members, volunteers and staff. It is the first time Hansa Worlds is held in Japan or in Asia.

There were approximately 700 people including guests who participated in the opening ceremony. The ceremony started with the opening declaration of Nayuta Yamato, a member of the Hiroshima Sailability. Nayuta come to the stage on a wheelchair and said, "I have a severe disability and was suffering to live when I met Hansa. I cannot even sit on an ordinary chair, however Hansa gently wrapped me and took out me to the sea. There I found how wonderful the sea is. Hansa gave me a new life. I hope that many people receive gifts of life through the Hansa Worlds. "

Ryo Sasaki, from the Hiroshima Sailability who will race in the Liberty class took the sailors oath. The race will begin from the 14th.

Opening ceremony - October 13, 2018