2018ハンザクラスワールド&インターナショナルチャンピオンシップ広島大会 協賛会社

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2018ハンザクラスワールド 2018ハンザクラスワールド 2018ハンザクラスワールド 2018ハンザクラスワールド 2018ハンザクラスワールド

2018HansaClassWorlds 2018HansaClassWorlds 2018HansaClassWorlds 2018HansaClassWorlds 2018HansaClassWorlds

2018 Hansa Class World & International Championships in Hiroshima, Japan. Official Website

Welcome to 2018 Hansa World Hiroshima! This June Hansa World the Netherlands opened. It was followed by the Rio Paralympics this September. This year marked a memorable year for Hansa Class Sailing. We wish to express our deep appreciation for the Hansa sailors, their supporters, the volunteers and the related officials for the event.

Now we have been steadily advancing the preparation for Hansa World Hiroshima which will be held for the first time in Japan, in Asia after 2 years. We hope you will take keen interests in our Hiroshima World. The Event Organization was formed and it has started raising funds for the event, like finding sponsors and etc. We will continue to try to attract many people who love the sea, the wind and the sailing to come to Hiroshima.

Hansa World Hiroshima will be held on the sailing area of the beautiful Seto Inland Sea in the National Park. Peace & Sports International Hiroshima and their residents will warmly welcome everyone, sail-loving friends. Hiroshima Sailing Federation is supported by both local government authorities of Hiroshima City and Hiroshima Prefecture to hold the 2018 Hansa World Hiroshima.

Both Councils of the Welfare for the Disables of the City and the Prefecture also assist us. Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida from Hiroshima became the Honorary President of the event in addition. Newspapers and TV stations are supporting this event. Hansa World Hiroshima is welcoming not only regular competitors in Hansa Sailing but those who are new sailing beginners. This event is Asia’s first World event so that we hope competitors from Asian countries and their supporters will join Hiroshima World by all means. 201201-TaroTokyo-Itsukushima-DSC08992

On our website and through other networks, from this time on, we are going to try to attract you to join Hansa World Hiroshima. Information on the website will be sequentially provided as “Attractive Sides of Hiroshima”. We are very happy if you send this message to your family members, friends and others.

Thank you.
2018 Hansa World Championships October 12-18 2018, Hiroshima Japan

2018ハンザクラスワールド&インターナショナルチャンピオンシップ広島大会 公式ホームページ


日 程
October 12 (Fri) - 18 (Thu), 2018
会 場
Hiroshima Kanno Marina

Japan Sailing Federation, International Hansa Class Association, Japan Hansa Class Association, Public Interest Foundation Hiroshima Prefecture Sailing Federation
Participating countries
About 20 countries or more
Approximately 150 players*
*90% out of whom are disabled (4 people with severe disabilities are confirmed participation),
About 250 volunteers
選手 約150人 ※うち9割は障害のある方(重度障がい者4名の参加確定)
ボランティア 約250人

Site Link <サイトリンク>

【Japan Hansa Class Association(日本ハンザクラス協会)】

【Hiroshima Peace Cup Official Site(ひろしまピースカップ公式)】

【Public interest foundation Hiroshima prefecture sailing association(広島県セーリング連盟)】